Michigan Golf Clubfitters - member

The membership of The Michigan Golf Clubfitters is a group of clubmakers amd clubfitters with a mutual interest in the 'tools of the trade'. We welcome anyone with an interest in golf clubs. Our sustaining membership includes PGA professionals, golf teachers, clubmaking hobbyists and professional clubmakers and clubfitters. If you have an interest in learning more about our craft or are interested in helping us advance the knowledge of golf clubs, please condider joining us as a sustaining member. Dues are reasonable, but the rewards in satisfaction and accomplishment are priceless. We're a fun, friendly group, with only one or two stinkers.
If you would like more information, contact one of the officers listed on the 'About_Us"' page or one of the 'Professional Members' listed on the 'Locator' page.

If you don't feel you want to be a sustaining member, check the 'NEWS' page on this website for upcoming events. We currently host two educational seminars amd one golf outing each year. Everyone is welcome at these meetings.

Sustaining Membership is $75.00/year, payable in January. Members who join after July 1st, pay $50.00 for the remainder of the current year.

For a printable(PDF) of the Membership Application, click here.